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Bromo Semeru Trekking

Indonesia has too many ‘luxury’ places with natural nuances that are too dear if not explored and enjoyed. Mount Semeru and its beauty are just a few of the real examples.

Mount Semeru itself is very popular among climbers and nature lovers in particular, even making those who have never conquered it eager to reach its peak.

Mount Semeru Tour

Conquering Mount Semeru can be said to be the dream of every climber and nature lover in Indonesia. The popularity of Mount Semeru cannot be separated from the natural beauty it offers.

The highest mountain on the island of Java, the third highest volcano in Indonesia, has Mahameru Peak as its highest peak with an altitude of 3,676 meters above sea level (masl).

Mount Semeru is included in the map of the Regencies of Malang and Lumajang, East Java. And what is perhaps best known about Mount Semeru itself is, one of the many mountains in Indonesia that is the most difficult to conquer.

Semeru, the highest volcano in Java, 3.676 meters above sea level, and one of its most active, lies at the southern end of a volcanic massif extending north to the Tengger caldera, also called with the famous name Mahameru (Great Mountain). Semeru has been in almost continuous eruption since 1967.

The continuous activities for the past 41 years, attracted everybody from all over the world to explore the beauty of this volcano.

The average temperature of Mt Semeru is 4 – 10 degrees Celcius can be felt on top, meanwhile in the dry season (summer time in Northern part of the world, North America and Europe, round June – September, the temperature can be dropped up to 0 (zero) degree Celcius.

Where the visitors can find the light crystal ice. The hard-blown wind can happen in Dec – January when some storm follows. All characteristics of Semeru will bring uncomparable memory to everybody who ever experiences the beauty and the mystery of this Java’s highest volcano.

Bromo Semeru Trekking

BROMO SEMERU TREKKING , Special adventure tour operator

With long years of experience, and organized by all well done trained staff, We provide all tour services related to enjoying the beauty of this Java`s highest volcano both for professional climbers and Nature Lovers with less experience and knowledge about climbing mountains/volcanos.

Our tour packages offer from the very easy step up to the challenging one. Some more extra time absolutely needed for the newcomers with less experiences. The best option for Mt Semeru Trekkingplease visits each link bellow.

The tours can be started with the following choices: Yogyakarta, Bali, Banyuwangi, Probolinggo, Malang, Surabaya, Semarang, or another city. We can pick you up at Airport, hotel, train station, apartment, home, and harbor

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Mount Semeru Bromo Ijen Trekking Tour Price 2024

ToursPrice Start From
Semeru Trekking Tour 2D1N IDR 2.750.000/person
Semeru Trekking Tour 3D2N IDR 3.500.000/person
Semeru Trekking Tour 4D3N IDR 4.500.000/person
Bromo Semeru Trekking 4D3N IDR 4.850.000/person
Bromo Semeru Trekking 5D4N IDR 5.250.000/person
Bromo Semeru Ijen Trekking 5D4N IDR 5.600.000/person
Bromo Tour 2D1NIDR 950.000/person
Bromo Tour 3D2NIDR 1.850.000/person
Bromo Ijen Tour 3D2NIDR 1.850.000/person
Bromo Ijen Tour 4D3NIDR 2.250.000/person
Bromo Ijen Tumpak Sewu Tour 4D3NIDR 2.450.000/person
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