Mount Bromo Ijen Tour From Banyuwangi Package Cheap Price 2024

Mount Bromo Ijen Tour From Banyuwangi. This cheap travel package of Mount Bromo & Ijen Tour from Banyuwangi with a duration of 3 days and 2 nights. We offer you the opportunity to enjoy the challenging mountainous landscape for your vacation combining adventure, hiking, and trekking best natural tourism in Indonesia.

At mount Bromo vacation, You’ll have the opportunity to witness the sunrise from the best spot on Pananjakan hill. The meadow, whispering sand, and love hill are other interesting spots you can enjoy during your trip. And at Mount Ijen we will invite you to climb for around 2 hours to witness the rare phenomena view of Blue Fire or blue flame.

Mount Bromo Ijen Tour From Banyuwangi

Banyuwangi to Mount Ijen Crater and Bromo Tour

Banyuwangi Ijen Bromo Tour Surabaya. Besides Bromo, the Ijen Crater is one of many amazing craters in Indonesia, especially in Java. One of the main attractions it has is the blue fire that you can find at the bottom part of the crater.

The blue fire comes from the sulfuric liquid which later dries and is mined by the local people. You can only see this blue fire when the surroundings are still dark. So, The two main spots: Bromo Mountain and Ijen crater are of course the ones that you couldn’t possibly miss out on.

Banyuwangi Ijen Bromo Tour

Bromo Ijen Tour From Banyuwangi Itinerary

In the Bromo Ijen Tour,  beside start from Banyuwangi, you can start your journey also from Surabaya or Malang or Bali. Another alternative is to take the Bali Ijen Bromo Ijen tour Surabaya, by direct pick up from your hotel in the Bali area. This trip can be finished by dropping off back to Banyuwangi or drop off to Surabaya, Malang, Probolinggo, and Yogyakarta

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For further details, check out the itinerary below.

Day 01: Banyuwangi To Hotel Near Mt Ijen

Banyuwangi Bromo Ijen Tour starts by a private air-conditioned car that will pick you up at your arrival in the Ketapang port Banyuwangi. Then team will drive you to our team will bring you to the hotel in the Banyuwangi area. The process to check in and resting to prepare the energy for night climbing to Kawah Ijen Crater.

Day 2: Ijen Blue Fire Tour Trekking To Mount Bromo

You’ll be woken up at 00.00 o’clock at midnight to start the journey of the Mount Ijen Blue Fire Tour. From the hotel, the car will take you to the Ijen Entrance gate which is called the Paltuding post. From that spot, you should do the trekking to get to the Ijen crater accompanied by a local guide.  After getting to the summit, you can enjoy the Blue fire and the Crater. Don’t forget to use a gas mask that we have provided for you, because the smell of sulfur is very strong.

As you are satisfied spending your time enjoying the crater, you can directly go back to Paltuding post, rest, and then drive 5 hours to the hotel in the Mount Bromo area. We can stop during this trip for having lunch. As you get into the hotel, check-in and stay there for the whole night while enjoying the Bromo night situation and trying to adjust the temperature which might be quite different from the place you usually live. But make sure that you have enough rest since the next day you’ll be woken up very early in the morning so that you can get the best moment to enjoy the sunrise.

Day 3: Bromo Sunrise Tour , Bromo Hike Tour To Surabaya

At 02.30 o’clock in the morning, you’ll be woken up to prepare for the Bromo Tour Package. Then 30 minutes later a jeep will pick you up and bring you to the viewpoint to enjoy the sunrise. As you are satisfied enjoying the sunrise, you can go back to your jeep, then continue your trip to the top of the Bromo crater. But, your jeep should stop at the sea sand, and you have to do the trekking for at least 25 minutes to get to the crater, or you can hire a horse to ride.

Mount Bromo Ijen Tour Banyuwangi Price 2024

1 personIDR 5,600,000/pax
2 personIDR 3,200,000/pax
3 personIDR 2,600,000/pax
4 personIDR 2,200,000/pax
5 personIDR 2,000,000/pax
6 personIDR 1,800,000/pax

What Do You Get?

Facility during Trip:

  • Private air-conditioned car with a professional tour driver
  • Jeep Tour Bromo
  • 1 Night Hotel in Bromo (includes breakfast)
  • 1 Night hotel in Ijen + Brakfast
  • retribution and parking fee
  • Gas mask when you do the Blue Fire Tour
  • Entrance free ticket for visited Bromo and Ijen tourism spots
  • Mineral drink
  • Local guide


  • Meals, Dinner, and Lunch
  • Horse riding
  • Travel Insurance
  • Personal expense

How to Order?

These 3 days 2 nights Mount Bromo Ijen Tour From Banyuwangi will give you amazing days of your life that you will never forget for the whole of your life. For further and more details information, please contact us via whats app or email us at semerutours[@]

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